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KITO-beyond your imagination! Welcome to the leading porcelain tiles and rustic tiles manufacturer in China. The last decade has witnessed our great concentration on the creation of best porcelain tiles as well as the big success we have made on it. KITO is not only an innovator but also a thinker. The ceramic tiles we have made are honored as the tiles beyond your imagination.

Since its foundation, KITO has determined the final goal of the company, namely creating the best porcelain tiles and helping people enjoy the dignity of life. We always insist on internationalization, offering integrated solutions to homeowners and project customers. KITO is the first thin porcelain tiles manufacturer by inkjet technology in China, and the first company to produce ceramic products in Italy and Span.

Currently, we have three production bases in Foshan and Jingdezhen, and can supply a wide variety of porcelain products, including rustic tiles, wood grain porcelain tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, interior wall tile, polished crystal tiles, etc. Thousands of tile models have been manufactured by KITO. In addition, we own more than 100 exhibition halls and 1000 chain stores spread over China. In ten years, our sales have increased by over 10 times, creating a miracle in ceramic industry.

In past glorious decade, KITO gained numerous honors and praises in the building and decoration material industry. Aside from householders, many large scale project designers have selected KITO tiles. For instance, city pavilions of 2010 Shanghai World Expo and reception hall of Guangzhou Asian Games were decorated with KITO tiles. Additionally, KITO has obtained many certifications such CCC certificate, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, CE certificate, etc. We have been awarded as China famous brand by International Brand Association. Social and industrial recognition as well as various glories drive KITO in turn to make more efforts.

Is a decade short? No, 10 years witness a miracle that is created by KITO; is a decade enough? No, KITO has a long way to become the best porcelain tile maker in the world. However, there is no limit for thinkers and no bound for doers. KITO has achieved more achievements than its competitors. We choose Italian ceramic masters to process KITO tiles, establish alliance with world leading ceramic corporations from design to market strategy, employ top level designers from foreign countries and build theme exhibition pavilions in a grand style.

Mr. He Qian, the CEO of KITO expressed that we enforce three-year strategic plan. Now, we are in the third three-year phase where we will establish the most advanced brand of rustic tiles and become the world leading producer of rustic tiles in the future. In next three year, we will focus on the field of rustic porcelain tiles and try our best to achieve strategic goal from the aspect of product innovation, stable quality, marketing force and standard management.