80 mesh wood pulp is wood in the form of very fine particles, mesh size 80, and is produced from dry wood scrap selectively by several types of mills and sized by mechanical or air sieving methods. Wood pulp 80 mesh must conform to different specifications for particle size distribution, species included, resin content, color, specific gravity, foreign matter, absorbance or other specifications , depending on the intended use. Wood Pulp Mesh 80 is used in many industries, for example in agriculture, in WPC manufacturing and especially in papermaking due to its small size.

Wood pulp net 80 of KIM KIM HUY Co., Ltd for export includes different types, 80 wood pulp net made from pine and 80 wood pulp mesh mixed from pine and rubber. These 80 wood pulp nets are widely used in many industries.

Wood Pulp Mesh 80 For WPC Industry

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. WPC board is a mixture of recycled wood including wood pulp, recycled plastic and a small amount of adhesive. It is now an ideal building material for residential and commercial use because WPC board is stronger and more durable than wood, but also has the natural look of wood.

Wood pulp net 80 for WPC of KIM KIM HUY Co., Ltd. is made from grinding machine, moisture is up to 12% and foreign impurities are only 0.1%.

80 wood pulp mesh for paper material

Wood pulp mesh 80 can be used instead of mechanical pulp to provide high volume paper, add 15% wood pulp in the papermaking process, can get 2.34cm3/g large volume, nearly equal to or more than the number of blocks of traditional light paper.

There are two types of wood pulp mesh 80 that can be used for paper materials: wood pulp mesh 80 from pine and wood pulp mesh 80 mixed from rubber and pine. These 80 wooden nets as paper materials of Kim Kim Huy Export One Member Co., Ltd have been screened to ensure small size. Furthermore, the moisture content of World Export's 80 wood pulp mesh is up to 12% and the external impurities are only 0.1%

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